How we can help you?

ALTSA is a member centric organisation.  Our focus is ensuring our members receive the best possible care and outcomes in all cases where we represent them.

ALTSA Increase Negotiations


We fight for the best possible salary increase rates for our members. We want to ensure no one is left behind.

ALTSA Benefits


We know you are busy and fighting for the best possible benefits is a bridge too far. That's why we ensure our members receive only the best benefits Wits has to offer.

ALTSA HR & ER Representation

HR & ER Interventions

We handle the representation of all HR related concerns our members may have - whether they be in-house or CCMA cases.

ALTSA Committee Representation

Committee Representation

ALTSA represents all our members on the relevant Wits committees such as joint staff working groups, Medical aid, pension etc. Certain information discussed at these meetings may be confidential and therefore cannot be disclosed to members.



Our doors are open and all are welcome. No task or issue is too big or too small for us to discuss and manage.

Help and Support

Help & Support

We offer general advice on all matters our members may need assistance with in the workplace. Contact us before it's too late.

Would you like us to start fighting for your rights?

Simply complete the online application form or alternatively contact us telephonically for more information. We look forward to putting you first!
Please note that if you are not a member of ALTSA, but require immediate assistance with HR/ER related issues, an upfront payment of six (6) months membership fees will be required.